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Melissa Claire Egan Teases Chelsea's Dark Side on The Young and the Restless

Melissa Claire Egan

The Young and the Restless' Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) has a lot on her plate. She's is currently suffering the aftereffects of a stroke....and she's watching Adam (Mark Grossman) be drawn back to his ex, Sharon (Sharon Case). 

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Egan told that Chelsea is in turmoil, although she can't communicate it currently. She explained:

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Inside, it makes her spin. Who is Chelsea’s biggest threat? Sharon. It’s always been her. These two women have always had this competition between them. So this is really not the best choice he could be making.

Is Chelsea about to tap into her con artist roots to keep Adam by her side? MCE teased:

Not to give too much away, but yes. Bad things can happen when a person is pushed to their breaking point. Sharon has the ability to incite Chelsea. She’s already seeing things that aren’t really there, because Sharon just lights a fire inside of her, and we’re going to be seeing more of that moving forward. I can’t wait for everybody to see it!

She added:

Chelsea’s spiraling, and when that happens, she’s capable of just about anything. Who she is at her core has always been kind of a con artist. It’s in her DNA. So Adam just needs to keep Sharon far, far away.