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Perkie's Observations: Carly Plots to Swap a Necklace on General Hospital

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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

Lenny's concerned when he finds out Sonny has been working around the bar all night. Phyllis is also worried and tells Lenny that Sonny probably has a pre-existing mental condition. Phyllis wants Sonny to go back to the clinic for tests, but he refuses. Sonny eavesdrops while Phyllis explains to Lenny that she thinks Sonny is bipolar and likely needs medication. Sonny takes off. 

Bobbie checks in on Carly, who tells her mother the entire Nina/Nelle story. Carly mentions the necklace and how she wants Bobbie to go with her to Wyndemere. Carly has a different half-heart necklace than the one Nelle has, and wants to switch the two. 

Ava tells Nikolas that Carly is dropping by to discuss Avery's custody arrangement. Nikolas doesn't want Carly anywhere near Avery, but Ava says Avery misses the Corinthi side of the family. They need to work out visitation for Avery's sake.

Willow and Michael stare at the annulment papers and try to decide what to do. Wiley walks in, and both Michael and Willow separately talk to the toddler about their relationship. (Good Lord, these two are boring!) After what seems like hours of blah-ness, the two sign the annulment papers.

Jackie questions Chase about the dead bodies at the warehouse and wonders if Cyrus was behind it. Martin interrupts their meal to complain about his missing mother. Chase says it's not the PCPD's jurisdiction since she was taken in Vermont. Martin tells Jackie that Cyrus is his brother, but he wants his mother found and returned. Jackie offers to look into it. 

A reporter questions Sasha about her recent overdose, but Maxie's quick to get rid of her. Maxie wants them to get ahead of the story and has Sasha ask Chase to introduce her to Jackie. Sasha wants to tell her story in her own words and wants Jackie to do it.

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Chase tells Jackie that Sasha wants her story heard and explains everything that happened with Michael and Willow. Jackie agrees to hear what Sasha has to say. After hearing the story, Jackie agrees to write the story, but warns that it won't be a puff piece. 

Valentin stops by Jax's and wants to know where Carly hid Florence. Nina's surprised to hear the story and Valentin says Carly tells Jax everything. Jax denies knowing anything and sends Valentin on his merry way.

Nina warns Jax that Valentin is trying to push a wedge between them by mentioning Carly. Jax says he believes Jason kidnapped Florence and Carly has full knowledge of it. Jax thinks he should try to convince Carly to have Jason return Florence, but Nina disagrees.

Jax worries that Cyrus will retaliate and grab Joss, but Nina thinks grabbing Florence probably ensured Joss's safety. Nina points out that Jax rushing to Carly only reinforces Valentin's assertions that Carly will always be his first priority. Nina says Valentin wants her to doubt Jax, but she reassures him that nothing will come between them. 

Martin tells Valentin that Jackie will be looking into things, which does not make Valentin happy. Valentin says Jason won't bow down to pressure from Jackie. Valentin says he's working on putting pressure on Carly. 

At Wyndemere, Nikolas is still annoyed when Carly and Bobbie show up, but Ava insists they figure out what's best for Avery. Bobbie heads out to find the necklace. Nikolas continues to needle Carly until Ava sends him out. Carly complains about Nikolas, but Ava says he's going to be in Avery's life. Bobbie sends Carly a text that she can't find the necklace. 

Carly and Ava argue until Bobbie breaks them up. Bobbie offers to work out the schedule with Ava. Carly pretends she needs a moment and heads off to find the necklace. Carly immediately finds it (where Bobbie looked since it was right there out in the open) and is about to swap the necklaces when someone arrives.