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The Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Steffy Wants a Plan Moving Forward

Steffy Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) gathers the unholy quad, including Finn (Tanner Novlan), Liam (Scott Clifton), and Hope (Annika Noelle), together for a chat. When Hope actually tries to chat, Steffy cuts her off at the knees. She reminds Hope that she and Liam have already apologized and now it's time to move on (because you've had 24 hours to accept that your husband got his ex-wife pregnant . . . again . . . so get over it already). 

Steffy informs the lot that she is indeed pregnant. She also mentions it's too early to determine who the daddy is. Hope's irritated and Steffy explains that she too, is disappointed (because they're the same emotion).

Not only is Steffy pregnant, she lets the crew know the doctor advised her not to live under stress. Therefore, since she already apologized (as she mentioned before), she now needs to live in a drama-free bubble.

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Steffy admits to Finn that she's ashamed she betrayed him . . . really. But, there's nothing ugly about her baby and will love it regardless of the father or how it came to be. She adds that she hopes Finn won the lottery.

Steffy then turns to Hope and says if the baby is Liam's, well, she never meant to hurt her and doesn't want to tear their family apart. 

Side note: Annika Noelle is rocking the irritated, bored-ass, would rather be anywhere but here else look . . . without a word . . . much like Hope Brady would raise up that eyebrow. 

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