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Perkie's Observations: Jackie Is Dodgy About Finn's Brother-Son on General Hospital

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Britt Westbourne, General Hospital

Kim Delaney

Bobbie distracts Ava and asks her to have compassion for Carly during her grieving time. Nikolas catches Carly in the playroom and she makes up an excuse as to why she's there. Carly drops both necklaces, but manages to grab one without him seeing. Nikolas picks up the other one and tells Ava that Carly was trying to get the necklace.

Carly claims she was going to use the necklace to make another one for Donna so she could unite Sonny's daughters. Nikolas and Ava don't believe her and they all argue until Ava kicks the Spencer women out.

Curtis gets angry with a fellow gym member and Portia is there to break things up. Curtis complains that Jordan has kept too many lies and he needs things to change. 

Jordan and Anna have lunch and discuss the wedding. Anna asks for advice, but Jordan admits her marriage is on the rocks. Jordan explains about all the lies she's told Curtis and how he's had enough. Anna tells Jordan to fight for her marriage. 

Jordan talks to Curtis and asks him to come home to try to make things work. Curtis says he can't trust her, no matter how much he wants to. 

Finn runs into Jackie, who's getting Sasha's medical records for her story. Jackie explains that Chase asked her to do the story to protect Sasha from the gossip rags.

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Their talk turns to Chase, and Finn brings up the possibility he could be Chase's father. Finn asks if she ever took a DNA test, but Jackie says she didn't. Jackie admits that Chase was born a little over 9 months after she and Finn slept together, but she's certain Chase was conceived after the wedding.

Jackie says Finn completely disappeared from their lives and Chase grew up with Gregory as his father. Finn doesn't want to let it go, but Jackie says she's not going to do anything to unravel Chase's world. Anna catches the tail end of the conversation before Jackie storms off. Finn is upset that Jackie never got a DNA test. He tells Anna he needs to know for sure if Chase is his brother or his son, and asks for her help. 

Michael and Willow discuss their annulment and what comes next. Willow says she needs to move and heads out to look at apartments. 

Chase has second thoughts about Sasha going forward with the interview, but she's determined to go ahead with her story. Sasha heads to the mansion and tells Michael about the interview. Sasha promises to protect Michael and Willow. Michael worries the interview will send Sasha back to her dark place. Sasha says she's working hard at her sobriety and Michael says he's rooting for her. 

Willow runs into Chase at the gym. He tells her about Sasha's tell all. Willow tells him about signing the papers. Willow heads back to the mansion to discuss the interview with Michael. The two admit they're concerned for Sasha.

Jax promises Nina that he'll be more careful about running to Carly when she calls. Jax and Nina have sex. 

Bobbie and Carly show up at Jax's place and Carly tells Jax what happened at Wyndemere. She's not sure which half necklace she ended up with. Jax doesn't understand why Carly had to come over to tell him, but Carly says she's dealing with too much. 

Carly says seeing Ava makes her angry and she doesn't think clearly. Jax tells her to call him the next time she has a bad idea.