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Perkie's Observations: Peter Wields His Mighty Pen to Expose Franco on General Hospital

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Peter August, General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

Sasha tells Nina she's doing an interview with Jackie about her drug use. Sasha says she's doing it to regain control of her life.

Sam finds Alexis toasting the truth that she's not the drunk driver Tracy claimed she was. Alexis shows Sam her restored license, but Sam doesn't want Alexis to keep going as she has been.

Jason tells Carly they're getting pressure from the Five Families and he needs to show them he's in charge. He says they need to have Sonny legally declared dead, along with a funeral. Jason says it will stabilize things and feels it will be safer for everyone, so Carly agrees to arrange it.

Michael tells Carly and Jason that his marriage to Willow is over.

Franco meets with Liesl, who tells him she's still working on a solution for him. Franco says he should be having radiation rather than nothing. Liesl however, wants to isolate the Drew/Peter memories.

Maxie tells Britt how wonderful Peter is. Britt remembers Peter's search on the hospital computer.

Jax and Valentin run into each other. Jax believes Valentin is trying to drive a wedge between him and Nina. Valentin says Jax is doing that on his own. Valentin tells Nina and Jax that taking Florence was impulsive, and he believes Carly did it while Jason is covering. Valentin tells Jax to get Carly to return Florence.

Peter tells Dante The Invader is doing a big important story that could pose a risk, and needs his head of security to be ready.

Everyone gets a text alert from The Invader at the same time, announcing that Franco's tumor is back and he could return to his serial killer ways. Franco's shocked that Peter would do this to him and mentions to Liesl he told Peter about the Drew memories.

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Nikolas offers to take Liz's boys to Wyndemere, but she says Franco wouldn't hurt them or her. Nikolas insists, but Liz says what she needs from him is support now that Franco is dying. Nikolas asks if there's anything he can do to help. Liz tells Nikolas about Franco's deal with Jason. She asks Nikolas to stop Jason from taking Franco away from her.

Jason reassures Carly and Michael he won't let Franco hurt anyone. Michael says he doesn't need Jason's help, but he'll secure things at the mansion. Michael tells Willow she shouldn't move out.

Carly tells Jason she needs to do more, but he refuses to have her involved with the business. Carly tells him about the necklace and how this is a problem she can fix. Carly promises it won't be something Jason needs to worry about.

Britt confronts Peter about getting Franco's records from the hospital computer, just as Franco arrives. Franco says Peter put his family in jeopardy and attacks Peter. Dante pulls Franco off and drags him out.

Britt says she's furious with Peter, who defends himself. Peter says people will thank him for the story because it will keep Port Charles safe. Britt says it's her job to protect people's privacy. She claims people will find holes in Peter's reasoning. Peter warns Britt not to come between him and Maxie. Jason overhears and questions Peter's intentions.

Sam and Alexis head to the hospital to confront Liz, who defends herself. Franco arrives just as Sam comments that no one knows how dangerous the tumor is. Alexis is concerned that everyone is being too casual and storms off. Franco promises that he won't hurt Sam or anyone else.

Ava drops Avery at the Metro Court to spend the day with Carly. Avery's interested in Sasha's interview with Jackie. Avery gives Sasha the heart necklace for good luck.

Nikolas proposes to Ava, asking her to marry him for real. (What a weird thing to drop into this episode, a proposal at the gym where he's gross and sweaty.)

Dante meets with Liesl, and updates her on Peter and Franco. Liesl says Peter put out the article to discredit Franco should he ever come after him. Liesl clicks her pen. She tells Dante that Franco is the key to taking Peter down and needs to be protected.

Sasha's interview starts, and both Nina and Carly notice the necklace.