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Abby Huntsman Shares Why She Left The View

Abby Huntsman

Former The View co-host Abby Huntsman is opening up about why she left the ABC talk show in January 2020. She moved back to Utah to aid her father's campaign to be the state's governor, but there was more to her decision to head home.

Huntsman told Deseret News:

Career needs to be something that makes you happy when you wake up in the morning. A year ago, people would say, 'You have it all,' and on paper, I did. I went from living in New York and working at 'The View' to doing laundry and wiping mac ’n’ cheese off the floor every day. It’s the opposite of where I thought I would be, but I’ve never felt more sure about what living a happy life means. 

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She added:

Now, I am so engaged with my kids and myself. I can actually hear the birds chirping. In New York, there were so many days where I’d be rushing to work, checking Twitter, calling the nanny, studying up for the show and just running on that treadmill. Birds never crossed my mind.

The pandemic also changed things for Huntsman, who contracted COVID-19. She explained:

Our whole family was under one roof for a couple months during the campaign — except for my two brothers, who are in the military. We all got sick with COVID-19. I look at my family and everyone is so different — in terms of personalities, careers and even religion. But we would always rally around who was having a tough day and help them. That’s what family is for in tough times.