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Perkie's Observations: Sasha's Necklace Sets Off a Firestorm on General Hospital

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General Hospital

Sofia Mattsson

Jackie interviews Sasha, who explains how she pretended to be Nina's daughter and her recent drug use. Nina doesn't understand why Sasha would have a necklace like her daughter's. Jax tries to reassure her, but Nina heads down to the interview.

Carly tells Lucy to stop the interview, but Lucy points out that Jackie's doing the interview live and can't shut it down. Carly claims there's a wardrobe malfunction, but both Lucy and Maxie don't see it.

Valentin's watching the interview and recognizes the necklace. He stops Nina from interrupting the interview, but once it's over, Nina confronts Sasha. Sasha is confused, then realizes what she's wearing.

Sasha swears the wardrobe department put her things together and she had no idea what she was wearing. Valentin points the finger at Carly and tells the others she tried to shut down the interview.

Jason demands to know why Peter is threatening Britt. Britt tells Jason that Peter accessed Franco's medical records. Peter apologizes, but says he thinks Franco is a potential threat and felt he needed to warn everyone.

Britt doesn't appreciate being threatened (you go girl!!) and says she's going to call the police. She explains it's against the law to publish someone's medical records without their permission. Peter promises that Britt won't be blamed for what he's done. Jason asks her to let it slide this time. Britt says she'll back off this time.

Jason tells Britt she'll be safer if Peter thinks she's his ally. Britt appreciates it, but doesn't want his protection. Later, Britt's hand shakes as she works.

Curtis complains to Portia about a case he's working on. The talk turns to Jordan and says he can't get past all of her lies. Portia tell him everyone lies and he needs to find forgiveness for Jordan.

Jordan asks Dante if he's ready to come back to the PCPD, but he turns her down.

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Sam insists on knowing what Franco's contingency plan is. Franco says he knows he hurt Sam and others, but he will be stopped if it happens again. Sam wants an explanation, but Franco's head voices return.

Dante arrives as Alexis loses her mind and grabs a syringe with the intent to stab Franco. Alexis accidentally injects Dante. Portia and Curtis arrive as Dante convulses on the floor, and Portia takes control of the situation.

Sam demands to know why Alexis did it. Alexis claims she was trying to protect Sam from Franco when Dante came out of nowhere. Sam says Alexis would never have done it had she been sober.

Portia figures out that Dante was stabbed with a near fatal dose of lidocaine, and worries that they may lose him.

Jordan shows up at the hospital and Curtis tells her the details. Jordan wants Curtis to come home so he can work things out with her or let her go entirely.

Jason questions Franco, who says Alexis tried to kill him, but Dante got in the way. Jason wonders why Dante sacrificed himself for Franco.

Chase talks to Alexis and Sam, who admits the what Alexis did. Sam hopes this is Alexis' rock bottom and figures she'll have to sober up if she's in jail. Jordan reads Alexis her rights as Chase handcuffs her.

A local police officer drags Sonny back to Lenny's bar, saying he got belligerent trying to get a job in a store. Phyllis says she'll take responsibility for Sonny and not to bring him to the station. Lenny and Phyllis argue about how to deal with Sonny.

Phyllis wants Sonny to get himself checked out. Sonny refuses, but Lenny says it's either that or go with the officer. (Ugh, why did this have to be in the episode? There was enough going on with the syringe and the necklace storylines.)

Nina asks if Carly knows where the necklace came from. Avery pipes up and says she gave the necklace to Sasha for good luck. Avery tells Nina that she found the necklace outside at the cabin. (Loved the look on Valentin's face as he's doing the math on that one!!)

Avery gives Nina the necklace. Carly tells Jax she's still not sure which necklace Avery had. Nina says if the necklaces match, then it means it belonged to her daughter.