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WATCH: Live With Kelly and Ryan Airs Final Interview With Cicely Tyson Before Her Death

Cicely Tyson

Live! with Kelly and Ryan conducted a final interview with the late Cicely Tyson a day before she passed away. The legendary actress died on Thursday at 96 years old. Tyson pre-taped her appearance on the morning show on Wednesday, where she discussed her life, phenomenal career, and upcoming memoir Just As I Am.

The interview was slated to air on Friday and once news of Tyson's death hit the newswires, Live decided to forge ahead with their plans, with host Kelly Ripa paying tribute to the award-winning actress. 

A somber Ripa stated about Tyson,

To say Cicely Tyson was an American legend would be too great an understatement. We were honored to speak with her and devastated to learn of her passing. She was a trailblazer who broke barriers for Black actresses and women everywhere. Cicely was a portrait of courage, dignity and grace. We feel very fortunate to share with you her last interview.

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In Tyson's last interview, the late actress discussed how a stranger predicted her success to her mother when she was a baby. Tyson recalled,

My mother was pushing me in a baby carriage and this woman stopped her and started playing with me and turned to my mother and said, 'Take care of this child, she has a sixth sense. She's going to make you very proud one day and she will take care of you in your old age.'

Tyson also opened up about having her doubts on being nominated for an Oscar, but went on to be for her role in Sounder. Tyson revealed,

I never thought that I would be nominated for an Oscar, never, but I used to view the event every year and one night I watched it and I said, 'I'm going to sit in that front row one day,' and certainly, ended up doing that for the role of Rebecca.

Watch the interview at the 23:24 mark below.