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Whoopi Goldberg Apologizes for Donning Prince Hall Masonic Sweater on The View


Whoopi Goldberg apologized for wearing a "Prince Hall Masonic" sweater on The View, which she sported on Jan. 26. On the Jan. 27 episode, Goldberg expressed her regrets for donning a garment exclusive to members of the Masonic Order after she received social media backlash.

She told the audience before taping began:

Before we get into the show, let me apologize. Yesterday I wore a sweater that apparently upset a lot of people, that was not my intention.

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I simply bought a sweater from the internet, and I will never wear it again, and that is all I can say. I still don’t know what the connotations are or why people are upset, but I am not going to wear it again, OK? That’s that.”

While some slammed Goldberg for wearing an outfit specific to the Masons, others praised her for highlighting the Prince Hall Masons, the biggest group of Masons of African descent worldwide.