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Perkie's Observations: Nina Figures Out ALL the Tea  on General Hospital

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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

Alexis is taken to the police station where Mac reads her the riot act. Alexis claims she was trying to defend Sam and never meant to hurt Dante. Mac says she'll be charged with murder if Dante dies.

Robert and Olivia get to the hospital to check on Dante. Liz says they're doing everything they can for him. Olivia wants answers. Since Sam apparently has nothing better to do but to hang around the hospital, she's able to tell Olivia that Alexis is the one who attacked Dante.

Nina puts the necklace pieces together and they fit. Michael tells Nina that Avery found the necklace in the woods near the family cabin. Nina wonders if the cabin could have been used by anyone else. Michael says the last person at the cabin was Nelle when she grabbed Wiley. (The expression on Valentin's face is hilarious through this!)

Carly tries to steer the conversation away from Nelle, but Valentin pipes up and reminds Nina that Phyllis took the baby to Florida. Michael points out that Nelle was from Florida.

Ned wants to speak with Olivia, but Tracy says she left the house. Tracy tells him not to chase after her. Monica comes home from a medical conference and is curious as to what she's missed while she was gone. Monica is not happy with Tracy mixing it up with Alexis. Tracy says she did it to protect Ned. Monica thinks Tracy should leave because she'll be arrested for setting up Alexis. Tracy doesn't want to go, but Monica thinks Ned can forgive her if she's not in town. Later, a police officer shows up at the mansion, but Tracy's already skipped out.

Olivia doesn't understand why Dante would have tried to protect Franco. Portia tells Olivia that Dante's stabilized, but still can't have visitors. Robert calls Ned to let him know. Olivia heads to the chapel where Robert joins her.

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Olivia complains about Alexis and Ned. Robert does the math and figures out what happened. Ned shows up at the chapel, but Olivia wants nothing to do with him.

Portia updates Olivia that Dante should be fine. Olivia declares she'll make Alexis pay. Robert warns Ned to back off Olivia.

Mac believes Alexis' life fell apart because of Julian, but she found her way back. He says she's throwing her life away . . . again. Mac gets a call from the hospital. He lets Alexis know that Dante will be fine, but she's being charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder.

Phyllis takes Sonny to get checked out. He throws a tantrum worthy of a two year old. The doctor checks the blood work Sonny had done the night he was brought into the hospital and says she found lithium. She says Sonny has bipolar disorder and wants to put him back on the medication. Sonny refuses, but Phyllis convinces Sonny to take the pills.

Jason wonders why Dante saved Franco. Franco doesn't understand it either. He tells Jason about the altercation in Peter's office and how Dante pulled him away. Franco says Jason is off the hook since it looks like others will try to kill him.

Liz walks up and takes a strip off of Jason. She claims he must be thrilled not to have to kill Franco because so many others are willing to do it. Sam overhears and questions Jason, who says he never agreed to kill Franco. Sam's upset that Alexis hurt Dante and she turned her in her mother.

Nina wonders if Nelle could have been her daughter this whole time. Jax says yes and Carly jumps in claiming she found out last night and told Jax. Jax decides he can't lie anymore and now he'll tell Nina the whole truth about Nelle.