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Dr. Phil Ramps Up Production Amid COVID Restrictions

Dr. Phil

The Dr. Phil Show and its host, Dr. Phil McGraw, are coming under fire. According to The Hollywood Reporter, when most studios have pressed pause or slowed down production due to COVID-19 restrictions, the chat show has kept chugging along.

In fact, production "ramped up" on Jan. 4, during a period in which record-high COVID hospitalizations plagued Los Angeles. Sources close to the show told The Hollywood Reporter that they were "concerned" to see this, while other shows and networks slowed down. However, most staffers did work at home the week of Jan. 4, since shooting didn't get started until Jan. 11.

In addition, some Dr. Phil guests traveled to Los Angeles from out of town, and it's unsure which ones observed a quarantine period before filming. The L.A. County Public Health Department prohibited "nonessential travel" starting Dec. 30, but show guests are exempted from the recommended 10-day quarantine, according to THR, due to "special consideration."

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A rep for Dr. Phil stated that "“production schedule remained intact during the pandemic and continues to follow the guidelines set by the CDC and L.A. County." An insider shared that any guests who show up onstage and in person are tested for COVID three times. Meanwhile, there have been no positive COVID-19 cases on Dr. Phil.