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Joy Behar Reflects on Decades at The View and LGBTQ+ Advocacy

Joy Behar

Joy Behar has co-hosted The View for more than two decades. But the longevity of her daytime gig still surprises the comedian. 

Behar told Gay City News:

I never expect any job to last… but the reason this one is lasting for me, is that it’s geographically desirable (laughs). It’s six blocks from my home in New York City, and during Covid, six inches away [doing ‘The View’ from her home in Sag Harbor] … I’m all about location.

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Behar also discussed her continued advocacy for LGBTQ+ communities. She shared:

I identify with the fact that gay people, once they are ‘out’, have to deal with that — they want to be honest, and yet people are out to get them. I find that that’s true on ‘The View’ – I have been saying things and I have a lot of enemies on the right – people on Twitter etc who hate me, hate me, because of my politics. If I check their profiles, two words always come up: 'Jesus' or 'Trump' — as though I don’t love Jesus. I love Jesus, too. I’m a Catholic girl. I was confirmed. I love Jesus, too, so don’t tell me about Jesus. That pisses me off.

Looking back on her career, Behar told GCN about what makes her particularly happy. She dished:

You know what I’m proud of? I’m proud of the fact that for four years I never ever said one good word about Donald Trump — that is what I’m proud of. From the get-go I saw who he was.