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Perkie's Observations: Nikolas Gets on Bended Knee For Ava on General Hospital

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Ava Jerome, Nikolas Cassadine, Laura Spencer, General Hospital

Marcus Coloma, Genie Francis, Maura West

Jax admits that he and Carly discovered the truth about Nelle months ago. Carly continues to try to spin things, claiming she had no way to know the necklace was Nelle's. Jax however, says he thought Nelle was Nina's daughter, which is why he didn't tell her the truth.

Jax swears he didn't think Nina needed to know the truth once Nelle was dead. Valentin questions Jax on how their actions toward Nina and her mystery daughter were any different.

Carly and Nina get into it, arguing back and forth about Nelle's character. Carly throws Nina's testimony that Nelle was damaged goods in her face. Nina thinks her testimony is what caused Nelle to run away with Wiley.

Valentin reminds Nina that Nelle could have found the necklace in order to pretend she was Nina's daughter. Nina wants a way to prove it and remembers she has a box of Nelle's belongings she got after her death.

Franco tells Scotty and Cameron about The Invader article, and what happened with Alexis and Dante. Cameron gets worried and thinks Franco needs a bodyguard.

Ava checks in with Trina, who's still not in a hurry to talk to her father. Ava spots Franco and asks about his tumor. She's worried about him, but he reassures her that for now, he's fine. Ava mentions how Nikolas proposed again and she hasn't accepted yet. Franco tells her to stop getting in her own way.

Liesl confronts Britt about giving Peter access to Franco's medical records and says she can't trust Peter. Britt explains what happened and says Peter threatened her, something that doesn't sit well with Liesl. Britt wants to help Liesl with her plan to expose Peter, though Liesl worries for Britt's safety.

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Scotty walks in and Britt is surprised that he and Liesl are together. Liesl reminds Britt that Franco is Scotty's son and is helping her work against Peter.

Anna asks Finn for help with Dante and his PTSD. She mentions that Liesl was also a patient of Dr. Kirk's. Anna gets a call that Dr. Kirk transferred Liesl and wants more information.

Finn questions Britt about Liesl's crimes, but she says her mother didn't do it. Britt says the evidence was manipulated. Britt claims she hasn't been in contact with her mother and knows nothing. Anna eavesdrops. Later, she tells Finn she believes Britt was in contact with Liesl and thinks she's been released.

Liesl gets a call that Dr. Kirk's files, including Liesl's, were sent to Kevin. Liesl figures they were for Anna and worries that Anna is coming after her.

Nikolas checks in with Laura for an update on Dante. Laura says she is worried about Dante's mental status. Nikolas offers to help with Rocco.

Nikolas tells Laura he proposed to Ava, which surprises her. Nikolas says things have changed with Ava and they've found stability with each other. Laura asks if Nikolas trusts Ava and he admits he does, but Ava has a protective shell. Nikolas says he believes Ava can love him, but admits she hasn't accepted his proposal yet. Laura thinks Ava is playing games, but Nikolas said he sprung it on her at the gym and can do better.

Ava finds Nikolas and Laura, and accepts his proposal. Nikolas says he's decided he wants to do things right. Nikolas gets down on one knee, says he loves everything about her, and wants to spend his life with her. Ava accepts this proposal too.

Valentin and Carly argue about who's feelings for Nina are stronger, his or Jax's. Valentin is certain he'll get Nina back, while Carly is certain Jax will win in the end. Valentin figures Jax will warm Carly's bed now that Sonny is dead. Carly smacks Valentin in the face and kicks him out of the hotel.

Jax is with Nina when she goes through the Nelle's belongings. Nina finds a photo of Nelle as a child with the necklace around her neck. Nina cries as she realizes her daughter was here all along.