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WATCH: Meghan McCain and Van Jones to Produce Documentary 'The Reunited States'

The View's Meghan McCain and CNN's Van Jones have teamed up to produce a new documentary, The Reunited States, according to The Hill and The Wrap. The former, a Republican, and the latter, a Democrat, worked together on the project, which shows Americans from different walks of life trying to get along and understand one another. 

McCain commented:

This is such an important film for everyone to see, no matter which side of the aisle you’re on.

The doc shows the journeys of a Republican family, an anti-racism advocate, a former gubernatorial candidate on Kansas who ran as an independent, and a young lawmakers' movement founder. A press release stated that the documentary "follows the courageous journeys of the unsung heroes working to bridge the political and racial divides in the U.S."

Meghan McCain, Van Jones

Meghan McCain and Van Jones

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Jones said:

It is a powerful testimony to the fact that we can bridge these divisions.

The press release added:

Even though there is a new administration dedicated to promoting unity, the events of the last several weeks have made clear we are still a nation deeply divided. This powerful and urgent documentary focuses on hope and solutions instead of dwelling on our differences.

The Reunited States will be out on on-demand platforms on Feb. 9. Watch the trailer below.