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Perkie's Observations: Anna Wants a Peek Inside of Franco's Brain on General Hospital

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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

Sam is there when Dante wakes up and explains what happened to him. Sam questions why Dante would risk his own life to save Franco. Dante doesn't have an answer. Sam complains that she's worried about her mother.

Martin and Alexis discuss her case, and he thinks she'll walk with a sympathetic jury. Jordan shows up and tells Alexis that Molly and TJ are worried about her. Alexis decides she wants to change her plea to guilty and accept the consequences. Martin disagrees and tells Alexis to stop pitying herself. Martin says he'll do his best to defend her, whether she wants him to or not.

Peter argues with his lawyers about printing The Invader article. Maxie tells him if he hadn't printed the article, Alexis wouldn't have stabbed Dante. Peter believes he's saving people by letting them know about Franco. He feels it was his obligation.

Franco wants to know when Liesl will get the voices out of his head. Liesl's upset with Peter for outing Franco and wants to access the memories as soon as possible. Liesl thinks Franco should work with Kevin to get the memories via hypnosis. She warns Franco to be careful.

Anna complains to Kevin about the possibility that Liesl has been released and is out in the world. Liz interrupts them to blame Anna's son for Franco's near death experience. Anna says she can't blame Peter for something Alexis did. Liz says Peter declared open season on Franco and that it's no longer safe for them to attend Anna's wedding. Liz says Franco's experiencing different symptoms and Peter should have never gotten the medical information.

Anna stops by to see Dante and also asks why he protected Franco. Dante seems to remember Liesl's pen clicking and an order to protect Franco at all costs, but doesn't mention it. Anna apologizes since it was Peter's article that set everything in motion.

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Franco asks Kevin for a session. Anna overhears as Franco tells Kevin he's hearing Peter's voice in his head talking to Drew. Anna interrupts and Franco explains that it's likely Drew's implanted memories, according to Dr. Kirk. Anna asks about Franco's sessions with Dr. Kirk and is surprised to hear he only had the one. Anna asks about Dante and Liesl, but Franco had no idea they were also Kirk's patients. Anna wonders what the common denominator is and Kevin says they need to keep looking.

Cyrus wants to play nice with Laura, but she reminds him that he's to blame for Lulu's coma. Cyrus shows her a family photo of his youth to remind her they are related. Laura feels Cyrus is manipulating her, but he insists she take the picture, claiming that it's her family.

Liz drags Franco away and asks point blank if he's seen Liesl out of prison. Franco says Liesl was exonerated and released, and wants to help him, but Liz questions how Liesl will benefit.

Martin comes across Laura looking at the photo and believes Cyrus gave it to her to manipulate her. Martin points out that Laura is part of their family, but she says family is more than DNA and she doesn't see Cyrus that way. Martin asks if she sees him as family. Laura says she'll do what she can to bring Florence back to Martin.

Cyrus confronts Jordan, saying he'll leave Taggert alone in exchange for her help in having Jason release his mother.

Alexis storms into Dante's room to make sure he and Sam are both okay. Alexis apologizes to Dante and says she regrets what she did. Dante says he understands what she did and why, but she needs to apologize to Sam. Dante thinks the mother-daughter duo should fix their relationship.

Sam escorts Alexis to a meeting, but she feels she can't stay. Sam wonders how it is that Alexis hasn't hit rock bottom yet, and says her mother needs help.

Liesl stops by to thank Dante for protecting Franco, but says their mission is not complete. She says he's the man who's going to stop Peter. Dante says there is no evidence that Peter framed her because he covered his tracks. Liesl says Dante needs to work faster before the upcoming wedding, and clicks her pen.