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WATCH: Sheryl Underwood on Cicely Tyson's Death: "It Was Like My Mother Had Died"

Sheryl Underwood, The Talk

The Talk's Sheryl Underwood paid tribute to the late actress Cicely Tyson on Monday and recalled how the legendary thespian was warm and inviting when she appeared on the show. 

Underwood equated Tyson's death to a family member having passed. According to the co-host,

It was like my mother had died. When she came here, she treated us like we were part of her family. And we had so much respect for her and we wanted to hear everything that she had to say. She had this powerful dignity and this residence, this regalness to her. And, you know, when somebody comes to interview here, we only have a short time with them. Sometimes we don’t get to say everything we want to say to them. But, when the message got back to me that she was coming back and that one of the producers said, ‘Sheryl, she loves you,’ and I was wondering if she knew all of us as little girls loved her – as a model, as an actress, to be chocolate, to be mahogany, to be in your own hair, to be whoever you are. 

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Underwood explained how no matter which role Tyson was in, she held it with class. Underwood remarked,

I mean, for me, to be on Guiding Light in 1966 as Martha Frazier and to me, the role I loved the most as the queen in the movie Hoodlum with Laurence Fishburne and Vanessa Williams and she had that dignity to her. This is a hard day that I did not want to face.

Watch the touching tribute below.