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Perkie's Observations: Laura Tries to Broker a Deal With Carly on General Hospital

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Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Jordan says she has no proof that Jason has Cyrus' mother. Cyrus says he won't testify against Taggert or harm him if she helps him. Jordan says it's out of her jurisdiction and can't help him. Cyrus warns her that if something happens to Florence, he'll take out Jordan's loved ones.

Trina tells Portia that she's still mad at her father, but admits that she misses him. She's also angry that he manufactured evidence against Cyrus. Portia says Taggert is courageous, but flawed, and thinks Trina should go and see him. Cyrus interrupts, and tells Trina and Portia that he tried to have Taggert released, but Jordan turned him down. (Oy, he's such a manipulator!)

Cyrus gets angry with Brando for not being more helpful in finding out where his mother is.

Curtis convinces Alexis to attend a meeting with him. Curtis speaks and says he's having issues, but won't give up on the man he's become. Alexis shares her weakness and how it feeds her addiction. Alexis admits she needs help to stop drinking. After the meeting, both Monica and Curtis offer their help. (Where's Finn, isn't he her sponsor?)

Dante wakes up to find Maxie at his bedside. She asks if he can forgive Peter for the inflammatory article. Dante points out how every conversation with Maxie turns to her defending Peter. Dante admits he has a problem with Peter because of his connection to Nathan.

Peter eavesdrops as Maxie and Dante discuss Nathan, and how Peter was there for her after his death. Dante suggests that Peter is the closest thing to Nathan. He thinks Maxie loves him because of it, but Maxie disagrees. Maxie just wants everyone to see how good a man Peter has become.

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Laura confronts Carly about Florence's whereabouts. Carly tells Laura that Florence was taken to protect their loved ones and she won't tell Jason what to do. Laura warns that Martin could be a problem for Carly. Laura wants a compromise to calm Martin down. Carly doesn't think they can trust Martin.

Jackie tells Jason that she's doing a follow up story on the explosion at The Rib. She wants to know why Julian was ordered to kill him. Jackie mentions Florence's kidnapping and how she doesn't believe it's something Jason would do. Jason has no comment.

Martin insists on talking to Jackie and asks her to scrap the story on Florence. Jackie wonders why Martin has changed his mind. Valentin joins them and admits that Florence is missing, but it's not the story for Jackie. He says Jackie would be the hero if he helps them find Florence.

Laura meets with Jordan to go over everything with Cyrus. The two figure that he's doing something shady at the hospital. Jordan wonders who's getting their hands dirty on Cyrus' behalf. Jordan thinks Brando and Britt are the ones Cyrus is grooming. Laura wonders if they can get one of them to turn.

Carly tells Jason about Laura's visit and Martin's concerns about his mother. Carly thinks they should reassure Martin by telling him nothing will happen to Florence. Jason thinks that Cyrus' fear is their only leverage and bringing Martin in will mess that up. Jason warns Carly not to act without thinking because they need to be on the same page.

Carly tells Jason that Nina knows everything about Nelle. She claims it's over and he has nothing to worry about.

Peter questions Maxie on why she's upset with Dante, but she reassures him. Peter returns to Dante's room and says it's too complicated for him to work for The Invader. Peter fires Dante.

Maxie pays a visit to Nathan's grave. Maxie questions whether or not she's glommed onto Peter because he's Nathan's brother as Dante said. She wishes she would know what to do now.