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WATCH: Elaine Welteroth on Cicely Tyson: She "Spoke to My Soul"

Elaine Welteroth, The Talk

Elaine Welteroth

The Talk's newest co-host, Elaine Welteroth, recalls meeting with the late actress Cicely Tyson. On Monday, Welteroth discussed interacting with her at a Vanity Fair Oscar party and how the two talked about Tyson's life. Tyson passed away on January 28 at the age of 96. 

A reflective Welteroth stated,

Somehow, I ended up being introduced to Cicely Tyson. I don't know what it was, but she just grabbed my hands and said sit down baby, and it must have been 45 minutes. It felt like an eternity. But we sat there hand in hand, like this close, locked together, and she told me stories about her life. She gave me advice. She, like, spoke to my soul...At the end, she said. 'I would really love to continue this conversation with you.'

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Welteroth also admits she never followed up with meeting with Tyson and explained she thought she would do so later on. According to Welteroth,

I deeply regret, I just never called her. And two years have gone by, and when I saw she was going to be on the show, I thought this is my chance to tell her what that meant to me and now I have the courage, and now we're going to have this friendship.

See how the newest panelist will try to honor her promise to Tyson below.