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Perkie's Observations: Nina Vows to Take a Stand For Her Family on General Hospital

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Cynthia Watros

Cynthia Watros

Sam finds Dante trying to leave the hospital against medical advice. Dante pleads his case to Liz, who says someone needs to be responsible for him. Sam agrees to do it.

Franco questions why Dante saved him, but he says he doesn't know why. Later, Sam and Dante run into Jason, and Dante mentions he was fired from The Invader.

Scotty interrupts Jason and Carly to offer his condolences for Sonny. Scotty brings up Franco's deal with Jason and warns him if anything happens to Franco, Jason will pay. Jackie interrupts and pulls Scotty away.

Scotty and Jackie get reacquainted, and she mentions getting others together as well. Scotty reaches out to Bobbie, who accepts. Scotty explains to Jackie that Cyrus fired Bobbie and she now needs to take on personal nursing cases. Later, Jackie calls Valentin to let him know she has a lead on Florence.

Anna and Finn discuss his possible paternity issue regarding Chase. Anna wonders if he can live with himself if he doesn't do a DNA test on Chase. Finn doesn't want to risk the relationship he has now. Anna says no one else needs to know the truth.

Gregory and Chase spar at the gym, and discuss Jackie and their marriage. Gregory says Jackie needs to want the marriage to work as well. He says they drifted apart. Finn arrives to join them. The three men discuss things with lots of innuendo on paternity and family. Later, Chase dumps a water bottle in the garbage and Finn collects it.

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Anna updates Valentin about Dante, Liesl, and Dr. Kirk's murder. She brings up how Franco was also a patient of Dr. Kirk's and coincidentally, his life was saved by Dante. Valentin wonders what the connection is and Anna believes it's Peter.

Anna points out that Dante works for Peter. Peter saved Franco from a hitman and Liesl framed him, making Peter the connector. Anna mentions Franco hearing Peter's voice and says it has to do with memory mapping. Valentin realizes that Peter knew Drew years ago and Anna wonders why Peter never mentioned it.

Carly meets with Jax, who's upset that he broke Nina's heart. Jax says Nina is at the cemetery and Carly wonders why he's not there with her. Carly mentions no DNA test was done, but Jax mentions the photo of Nelle as a child with the necklace.

Carly's worried that Nina will want the police to reopen the the case surrounding Nelle's death. Carly doesn't want more scrutiny from the police. Jax suggests calling Diane to get ahead of it. Carly wants Jax to deal with Nina.

Nina runs into Maxie at Nathan's grave. Britt joins them and is shocked to learn that Nelle was Nina's daughter. Britt and Nina talk about their dysfunctional family, then bring up the happiness of the upcoming Paxie wedding. Britt wonders why Maxie doesn't seem thrilled.

Maxie declares that she's madly in love with Peter and is certain Nathan would be happy for her. Maxie swears that Peter is a good man and wonders why he can't be accepted by everyone. Britt says the world will always see Peter as Faison's son. Nina suggests the three of them stand firm together as family.

Nina says she remembered she has a grandson. She says she missed her chance to know Nelle, but won't make the same mistake with Wiley. (You go girl!! You give those Corinthi a run for their money!)