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Van Jones Responds to Claims He Gave Donald Trump "Racial Cover" on The View

Van Jones

CNN's Van Jones made an appearance on The View on Feb. 5 to discuss the documentary he co-produced with Meghan McCain, The Reunited States of America. During his visit, Jones faced hard-hitting questions from some of the panelists. 

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Sunny Hostin pressed Jones on accusations critics have made: that he was a "political opportunist" providing "racial cover" for Donald Trump and that then he came out in favor of President Joe Biden. Asked how he'd respond to such comments, Jones replied:

People may not like everything I’ve said on television and I try to be balanced. But look at what I have done. Who among my critics have been able to get people together to help folks at the bottom? When we fight like this about everything and you can’t give anybody even a little bit of credit for anything, who it hurts is not the politicians, it’s not the pundits, it’s regular folks who don't have anything.

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McCain defended Jones, stating:

I want to say you have been such a life raft to me, and given me so much hope to live in the spirit of how my dad taught me to. And a lot of people come up to me almost hourly saying, ‘I loved your dad, I loved your dad, I loved your dad, we need more like him.’ Well, do you know what he did? He worked with the other side all the time. That’s what he did. And he made hard choices and he was bipartisan, and he saw the good in people.

Ana Navarro observed that Jones was nearly banned from the White House by Jared Kushner several years ago. However, Jones then appeared to become very close with the Trumps. She recalled:

Then, all of a sudden, you show up working with nepotism Barbie [Ivanka Trump] and nepotism Ken [Kushner] and showing up in pictures with Eric Trump and Candace Owens.