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Perkie's Observations: Hamilton Finn, You Might Be the Daddy on General Hospital

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Michael Easton

Michael Easton

Finn takes a swab from himself and Chase's water bottle. He drops it off at the hospital lab for a DNA test. He runs into Jackie. She's still angry with him for wanting to know the truth about Chase. She knows it will destroy his life.

Finn admits he's not even sure if he would tell Chase the truth, but he still wants to know the truth. Finn says it would be comforting to know that Chase is there for Violet. Jackie says Chase has always wanted a normal family and has it now. She wants Finn to back off.

Valentin figures out that Peter has been lying to them by not admitting he knew Drew years ago. The two discuss it. Anna says Peter was more involved than she thought. She wants to know the truth from Valentin, but he downplays it. Anna tells Valentin if Liesl is on the loose she's coming for Peter.

Britt spends some time talking at Nathan's grave, but then Peter interrupts her. Peter says he's there to tell Nathan he'll be a good husband and father. Britt says it's not possible for Peter to be as good as Nathan. Britt comments how Peter is just like their father, but Peter is adamant there's good in him because of Anna. Britt disagrees.

Peter talks to Nathan's grave and warns him he'll be sure to get rid of any memories that Maxie has of him. He says he'll be the only father for James. Valentin finds him and tells him that Liesl is out and will likely coming for him.

Jax checks in on Nina and begs her not to shut him out. Nina reams him out, saying he should never have kept the truth from her to make things easier for Carly. Nina's upset about what happened to Nelle. Nina points out by keeping her in the dark about Nelle, he was also keeping her away from Wiley. Jax swears he would have told her the truth had he realized she was Wiley's grandmother.

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Chase updates Michael on the increased police presence for Sonny's funeral. Michael tells Jason and Carly, and says he doesn't feel a funeral is right. Jason explains they need to have the funeral to show their strength to the other families. Carly has the funeral planned out and tells Michael they'll just keep moving forward without him.

Sonny tells Phyllis the medication is making him feel calm and less hyper. Sonny still hasn't remembered anything from his past. Phyllis suggests he go to the police station to check out any missing person reports, but Sonny wants nothing to do with cops.

Lenny wonders if Sonny is a criminal and worries because they know nothing about him. Phyllis sings Sonny's praises. Sonny thinks he should move on, but Lenny doesn't agree. Both of them want Sonny to stay and he agrees. Sonny wonders why no one is looking for him.

Jason delivers a phone to Martin. It allows him to speak to Florence so he knows she's okay. Martin thanks Jason and Carly, and accepts they have her. He reminds them it won't keep the peace for long.

Anna wants Britt to tell her where Liesl is.

Jackie finds out from a nurse that Bobbie is working in Vermont.

Nina calls Phyllis and Sonny answers the phone. (Did not see that coming!)