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Disney-ABC's Dana Walden Shares How General Hospital Paved the Way Post-Shutdown

Dana Walden, chairman of Disney Television Studios and ABC Entertainment, conducted a remote chat with Harvard University students recently. The exec spoke to undergrads about her experiences and the current filming climate at the Intercollegiate Business Convention, set up by Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business. 

When discussing challenges posed by COVID-19, Walden specifically praised General Hospital for getting back up and running, said Variety. GH was the studio's first show to resume production after last year's shutdown. The Disney-ABC teams learned a lot from watching COVID protocols be applied on the soap's set. Walden shared:

They get so much done because of the production cycle of that show — it’s a machine. We got to learn so much about best practices.

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Walden added her insights on the results of rigorous testing practices and the hard work of cast and crew. She stated:

Our shows have become some of the safest places in this city because of a very motivated work force.