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Melissa Ordway Talks Life Mirroring Art and Insta-friendships on Y&R

Melissa Ordway

Real life has collided with reel life for The Young and the RestlessMelissa Ordway (Abby). Ordway's onscreen life has the youngest child of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) facing infertility issues, something the actress dealt with herself. How did Ordway deal with her fictionalized life replicating her real life? Ordway spoke with Soap Opera Digest, where she explained how the storyline was broached with her.

Now you’re playing out Abby’s heartbreak that she is unable to carry a baby. What’s that been like to play given your own problems getting pregnant?

I’m doing fine. Before they sent the scripts out, Josh [Griffith, co-executive producer/ head writer] was really sweet and called me to make sure I was okay with Abby’s baby problems. That was very kind and thoughtful of him and I said, ‘Absolutely, I would love to play this story because so many people struggle with it.’ Although I’m excited, I feel there’s still a responsibility because you want to make sure that it’s not only good but also as accurate as possible.

Abby's maternal woes are looking up, thanks to Mariah (Camryn Grimes). What's going on with those two, considering they were not the best of friends? Ordway gives her thoughts about the relationship.

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It was a little strange at first that Abby and Mariah were insta-besties, but now that Mariah wants to serve as Abby and Chance’s [Donny Boaz] surrogate, it makes sense.

I thought their friendship did suddenly come out of left field and I even remember wondering, ‘Wait, Mariah’s going to be Abby’s maid of honor? How did that happen?’ But I love working with Camryn so much and I will always jump at the chance to do that. So, I didn’t care that their being friends came out of nowhere and that they bonded pretty quickly because Abby doesn’t have a lot of friends, so it’s nice to see her with a close girlfriend. Camryn adds a lot to everything she says and does as Mariah, so I’m thrilled about this story.