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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Presses Peter and Gets the Truth on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 8, 2020: Anna interrogates Britt about Liesl's whereabouts.
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Valentin Cassadine, General Hospital

James Patrick Stuart, Wes Ramsey

Nina seems surprised by Sonny's voice, but dismisses it and asks to speak to Phyllis. Nina tells Phyllis about finding her daughter. Nina says she has photos of the adopted father and wants to show her, but Phyllis says she can't come to PC right now. (Why can't Nina just email her the photo??) (Also, what a waste of a really good Friday cliffhanger.)

Nina tells Ava about Nelle, and Carly and Jax's involvement. Ava remembers hiring Nelle at the gallery until she started blackmailing her. Nina says nice things about Nelle and Ava tells her to remember the damage Nelle was capable of.

Nina says Nelle was raised by an abusive father without love. She thinks she could have gotten help for Nelle, but Ava says it was too late to help her. Nina brings up Wiley and how she won't fail him like she did Nelle.

Ava says Nina will have problems dealing with the Corinthi, but Nina says they can't keep her from Wiley. Nina explains she wants Phyllis to identify Nelle's father, which would allow her to get a DNA test for Wiley. Ava warns Nina the fight will be long and ugly. She advises Nina to make sure she knows what she wants.

Sonny questions Phyllis about the phone call. Phyllis explains her past with Nina and how she feels guilty for giving up her baby. Sonny reassures her that she wouldn't hurt anyone. Sonny thinks Phyllis should go to see Nina, and she finally agrees.

Franco and Liz are ready for his treatment to start, and Terry explains the side effects.

Later, the two run into Finn and tell him they won't be attending the wedding because of Peter. Liz complains to Finn and he agrees it was a huge security breach that allowed Peter to gain access to Franco's medical information. Franco says he remembers walking in on Peter and Britt discussing hospital access.

Terry tells Franco the technician is refusing to treat him because of Franco's past and they are waiting for someone else.

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Liz confronts Britt for allowing Peter access to the medical files, but she denies it. Britt admits there was a security breach and is responsible as chief of staff, but that's it.

Valentin tells Peter that Franco is channeling Drew's memories, so they're resurfacing. Peter plays dumb, but Valentin says his life is unraveling. Valentin knows that Peter kidnapped Drew and Franco will start to remember.

Valentin mentions that Liesl could be in town with proof against him and forces Peter to admit he framed her. Peter says he sent the hitman because Andre was trying to reverse the procedure with Franco, but it could have increased Drew's memories instead.

Valentin accuses Peter of being responsible for Drew's death. Peter admits to that as well, saying he made arrangements for the plane to be sabotaged.

Valentin says Peter should be worried about Jason. Peter claims his past kept coming up and he had to do damage control. Peter says he wanted to discredit Franco with the article. Peter wants to know what Valentin will do with this information.

Valentin tells him that Anna and Maxie will be destroyed by this news, and tells him to confess. Peter says he can't because he wants to give his daughter the life he never had. Valentin asks why he should keep silent, and Peter asks him not to break Anna and Maxie's hearts. Valentin says Peter can count on him.

Anna questions Britt about Liesl's whereabouts. Anna wonders why Britt has changed her mind about her mother's guilt. She's certain that Liesl has made contact with Britt and demands to know where her mother is. Britt denies any knowledge of her mother's whereabouts and wonders why Anna is coming after Liesl so hard. Anna says Liesl is a threat to her and her family. Anna admits she's not getting information from the WSB and Britt thinks it's because they don't trust her anymore.

Anna updates Finn and says she needs to go after Liesl herself. Finn reminds her that they're getting married in a few days. Anna says she can't let her guard down when it comes to Liesl. Finn offers to go with her.

Joss and Carly pay Mike and Morgan a visit at the cemetery. They talk about the deaths of various people, including Nelle. Joss badmouths Nelle and Carly explains Nelle was Nina's daughter. (Yada, yada, yada, Sonny was wonderful and I'm sorry he's gone, blah, blah blah.)

Someone's looking at Alex's last will and testament. That someone sends a hard drive to Peter. The return address is from a "D. Marick" (I'm not familiar with Alex's past on whatever show she was on. Who is D. Marick?).