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WATCH: Chrissy Teigen Reveals "Still Coming to Terms" With Miscarriage on 'Ellen'


Chrissy Teigen is getting very candid about her miscarriage. In late September, the model and cookbook author and husband John Legend lost their son, Jack, at 20 weeks' gestation. Teigen opened up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about the tragedy she and her husband shared and explained on Monday's episode how she was dealing with what happened and how it also helped her. 

According to Teigen,

Looking at those pictures now, it seems like so long ago. And also, of course, everything was such a blur. Even thinking back to it now, I am still in therapy about it and I'm still coming to terms with it

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Teigen also explained how her ordeal was "transformative" and also "saved her" and resulted in her trying therapy. Teigen stated,

It was a really transformative thing for me and in a way it really saved me, because I don't think that I would've discovered therapy and then sobriety and this path of feeling good about myself and feeling like a new person

Hear how Teigen's children Luna 4, and Miles, 2, are dealing with the loss of their brother below.