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McKenzie Westmore Wonders Where a Passions Reboot Would Find Sheridan

McKenzie Westmore

McKenzie Westmore (ex-Sheridan, Passions) still has fond memories of her time on the supernatural sudser. The actress told about how she might like to see the NBC show rebooted.

She mused:

I would love it if they brought the whole show back — age us, obviously — and show our lives. Sheridan, how many years now later? And Luis [Galen Gering]? Where is everybody now? But continuing the story and maybe having the show more based around their kids, like Marty [Daniel Chalfa], who is grown up now.

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If Passions revisited the "Shuis" love story, what would happen to Sheridan's husband, Luis' big brother Antonio (Christopher Douglas)? Westmore dished:

I think for my sake, and for the fans’ sake, she would have to be divorced from Antonio, I’m sorry to say. Or something happened to Antonio or he ran off or he went back to the Bahamas, I don’t know. I don’t know where Luis would be. The show ended so weirdly, to be honest with you, for Sheridan and Luis in particular.

Would you like to see "Shuis" 2.0 or a Passions reboot? Sound off in the comments!