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John McCook Celebrates 8000 Episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful in Australia

John McCook

John McCook

On Feb. 16, The Bold and the Beautiful will celebrate 8000 episodes aired in Australia. To mark the occasion, John McCook (Eric) sat down with Channel 24 to reminisce about his decades on B&B.

One of his very first days on the show lingers in his memory. McCook explained:

I loved the first scenes, which were backstage at a fashion show, with Ridge [then-Ronn Moss], Thorne then-Clayton Norcross], Eric and a bunch of models. The most exciting thing though, was walking through a stage that, the last time I had seen it, had been completely empty. I walked onto Stage 31, and I saw the Forrester living room set for the first time. It was big and gorgeous and exciting. I said to myself, 'That's my house. Let's get going.'

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He also finds himself feeling protective of Eric, dishing:

Eric is like my friend. I worry about him. I've worried about him every day.

McCook admits he's had his fill of one classic B&B trope: the wedding! Channel 24 calculated that the show has had 90 weddings to date. McCook shared:

I'm pretty wedding-ed out. Plus they are a pain to shoot. They are very laborious shows technically, and they entail a lot of sitting around waiting and a lot of patience. A couple of years ago, my daughter, Molly, actually got married in real life, and it was a beautiful wedding. Now that was the time of my life.