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Linda Dano Reassures Days of Our Lives Fans on Playing Vivian Alamain

Linda Dano

Days of Our Lives viewers having doubts about legendary soap actress Linda Dano coming on as Vivian Alamain can relax, Dano's just passing through and isn't about take over. Dano spoke with Soap Opera Digestwhere she discussed her tenure as the conniving, over-the-top European socialite and fans not thrilled on her slipping into the role and letting her know it. Dano stated,

It’s interesting because a lot of people on the Internet reached out to me and said, ‘They’ll never be another Vivian; I don’t know why you’re playing it,’ which for me, being in the business forever, was a bit shocking. 

Dano insisted she was just doing a pal a "favor" when she slipped into the role for the originator, Louise Sorel. According to Dano,

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I know Louise. We’ve been friends over the years. She’s even been to my house. When they called and said, ‘Would you play the character of Vivian?’ I didn’t take it as I was taking over a character. I took it as a two-week fill-in for her. It would be like someone playing Felicia and it’s not me. And I hope the fans of DAYS won’t feel that way about it. I want them to think about it as a friend doing a friend a favor.

And there you have it.