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WATCH: Catherine Hickland Shares ABC Daytime and Family Memories

Catherine Hickland

Former One Life To Live star Catherine Hickland (ex-Lindsay) is sharing some prime memories of her life in soaps. She sat down with Michael Fairman TV to celebrate ABC Daytime: Back on Broadway, reminisced about past iterations of the event, recalled Lindsay being written out of OLTL, and shared memories of losing her late mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.

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Hickland always enjoyed getting to know her fellow ABC soap stars during the annual event. But there's one key admission she wanted to share, dishing:

But I’ll tell you this, anyone who says they weren't nervous is lying. Bald-faced lying, is what I say!

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Turning to her OLTL exit, she told Fairman why she wasn't actually all that sad when Lindsay was written out. Hickland explained:

Well, you know, it was so funny because I was also very burnt out by then and so it was fine. And I had a house in Los Angeles because I had started to write my book, The 30-Day Heartbreak [Cure], here. So they asked me if—they said, they told me they were going to write the character out, but if I was willing to—what do you call it?—be recurring, so... But what that meant was that I would not have a contract, which I was very okay with it, because I was already in my mind transitioning into another life and I wanted to move.

Hickland suffered two tragic blows when her beloved in-laws died within one day of one another in 2016. She reminisced:

Well, you know, I think that it’s that saying, 'You don’t know how strong you are until you're faced with something that you have to stand up for.' And I think it was so shocking; it was such a shock, one after the other, which I’m kind of really glad I didn't have time and that my husband [Todd Fisher] didn't have time to get up on our feet and knocked down again. Because it is so stunningly shocking the first time and then so we were still in shock from losing Carrie, and then when Debbie passed away the next morning, it was just shock upon shock.

Watch the full interview below.