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Perkie's Observations: Nina Discovers Carly and Jax's Secret at Sonny's Funeral on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 16, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina overhears Jax and Carly discuss the night that Nelle went over the cliff. She hears Carly mention that she hesitated for a split second and Nelle couldn't hang on. Carly's glad they didn't tell the police that she was on the cliff that night.

Alexis confesses to her daughters that she took a drink. The girls offer support even though she's back to square one in her recovery.

Alexis decides to forgo the memorial and Molly stays home with her. The two discuss Alexis' legal defense. Alexis tells Molly she likes drinking, then wonders if she should change her plea to guilty. Molly thinks rehab is better for her mother than prison. She feels Alexis needs to fight this and win.

Joss and Michael commiserate together. Sasha arrives and offers Michael her condolences. Michael and Dante discuss the feeling of disbelief over Sonny's death.

Jason tells Carly that she's not alone and everyone is there for her. Diane, Spinelli, and Sam offer Jason their condolences.

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Laura's upset with Cyrus for not allowing Brando to attend Sonny's funeral. Cyrus decides he'll join Brando at the service, but Laura nixes that idea. Cyrus says he'll stay away only if Laura has coffee with him instead.

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Laura and Cyrus share a coffee while he tries to get her to see what life was like for him. Cyrus says Laura's life would have been different if Lesley hadn't supported her. Cyrus says they're not that different, but Laura disagrees. Laura says Cyrus lives on other's weaknesses.

Brando gets to the service and offers Carly and Kristina his condolences. Kristina's a little angry with Brando for working with Cyrus, but Carly reminds her that he's family.

Dante reads a bible passage. Kristina, Michael, and Carly eulogize Sonny.

Lenny asks if Sonny remembers anything, but he says he only knows to stay away from the police. Sonny has a dream about a blonde woman. Sonny tells Lenny about the dream and how he remembered someone.

Nina heads to the cemetery to visit Nelle's grave. Nina blames Carly for losing her daughter. Nina swears she'll get justice for Nelle, whatever it takes.

The funeral group gathers at the cemetery for their final goodbye. Nina's there, giving Jax the evil eye. Jax takes her aside, but Nina insists that they speak right now. She says she knows what he did. 

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