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Perkie's Observations: Will Alexis be Drunk at Sonny's Funeral on General Hospital?

General Hospital Recap for February 15, 2021
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Alexis Davis, General Hospital

On today's General Hospital recap: Everyone gets pretty for Sonny's funeral in their own way. The Davis girls want their mother with them and insist that Alexis join them. While Alexis gets ready, the girls talk about her chances at trial. Molly says they need to keep Alexis sober and if she shows remorse, she could get a lighter sentence. Kristina says it's up to Alexis now. Molly sees Alexis take a drink.

Jax checks in on Joss, who's sad for Sonny, but grateful for her father. Joss worries about losing her family members, but Jax assures her the odds are in their favor and she should live in the moment.

Carly tells Jason she can't do this, but he feels she can. She's still upset about how difficult it's for her to put an empty casket into the ground. Jason praises Carly's instincts not to quit and says she'll get through this. Carly asks Jason to talk to Joss and he tells her all the security measures have been put in place for the funeral.

Joss is more upset about not being able to control everything in her life. Jason says they need to live their lives to the fullest.

Carly and Jax discuss Joss' well being. Carly thinks Jax blames her for the life their daughter has, but Jax disagrees.

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Olivia is sorry that Dante didn't have more time with Sonny during his formative years. Dante tells her not to feel guilty because it worked out better this way.

Michael and Willow discuss her moving into the boathouse so she can still be close to Wiley. Michael and Dante share a toast to Sonny and a hug it out before heading out.

Phyllis meets with Nina, who tells her that Nelle is dead. Phyllis feels guilty that the baby she tried to protect had such a terrible life. Nina shows Phyllis a photo of Frank and Phyllis says it's the same man she gave the baby to.

Nina explains how Nelle was troubled and wonders if things would've been different if she'd been able to raise her. Nina mentions that Jax didn't tell her the truth though she admits she still loves him. Phyllis tells her not to give up on Jax.

Meanwhile in Whereverville, PA, Trooper Finchley tells Lenny there've been robberies in town and wonders if the culprit was Sonny. Lenny goes to bat for Sonny, but the trooper wants to know about his whereabouts the night before. Sonny denies doing anything illegal. When no one is looking, Finchley grabs Sonny's coffee cup. ( It's about time someone thinks to check fingerprints!)

Nina heads over to the church, and overhears Carly and Jax talking about Nelle. Carly says she's not going to worry about Nelle because she's dead and that night can die with her. 

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