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Wes Ramsey Talks Peter's Misdeeds and Pending Nuptials on General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

The walls are starting to close in on Peter August (Wes Ramsey) just as he's about to say "I do" to his lady love Maxie (Kirsten Storms) on General Hospital. Peter finally 'fessed up all to Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), and Jason (Steve Burton) is starting to put the pieces together, just as Franco (Roger Howarth) is hearing his voice surrounding what he'd done to the missing Drew (Billy Miller). 

Is Peter headed for a big comeuppance? Ramsey spoke with Soap Opera Digest to give his thoughts on Peter's dilemma. 

There are so many people on the canvas out to get Peter at this point, some of whom he knows about, some of whom he doesn’t. Whose vendetta against him do you think rattles Peter the most? 

Obviously, Jason Morgan is the most dangerous and immediate threat at any given moment. He is the one person, based on their history, Peter has always tried to keep at a distance.

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What about Franco starting to hear his voice is Peter a little shook by this?

How concerned is Peter about the potential consequences of Franco having aural hallucinations of his voice? 

Not knowing how to predict what this could mean has kept Peter on edge, but considering he cannot control the outcome he has chosen to do what is necessary to discredit him altogether, using The Invader to exploit the return of Franco’s tumor.

Peter's wedding day is on the horizon. Does the scheming publisher thinks he will get the girl in the end? Ramsey stated,

His virtually obsessive due diligence to make sure he’s tied off all loose ends is his strength and is the reason why he is confident that he has truly earned his dream-come-true scenario. He’s a smart and properly guarded man based on his life experience. He believes he deserves to have it all now, having survived all he has to be where he is.