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WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Tells Meghan McCain About GOP: "You Showed Your Faces"

Whoopi Goldberg, Meghan McCain, The View

Whoopi Goldberg wasn't here for Meghan McCain's defense of the GOP on the Feb. 17 episode of The View. The Democratic moderator and the conservative commentator squared off in a spirited debate.

McCain responded to claims that QAnon supporters were representative of the Republican Party, stating:

I think it’s easy to say the Republican Party is only the party of QAnon and all these thing. And if that’s the truth, then the Democratic Party is the party of socialism and late-term abortion and cancel culture and no responsibility or ramifications for any of your actions. And you can burn down cities like Kenosha and it’s fine … these are broad stroke platitudes. I don’t believe either are true. I don’t think Republicans are simply QAnon supporters and I don’t think Democrats are simply socialists.

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Goldberg fired back, telling McCain that "the Republican party brought this view of them on themselves." She added:

You showed your faces. You said you’re okay with everything that happened, all the things we’ve been taught by Americans that are not okay. You said it’s okay and you’ve opened the door for these people to act poorly.

Watch the exchange below.