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Don Diamont Talks Bill's "Alpha-Dog" Arrival on The Young and the Restless


This week, The Bold and the Beautiful star Don Diamont is bringing tycoon Bill Spencer to The Young and the Restless. But what does visiting Genoa City hold for the publishing magnate? Diamont teased Bill's trip to Wisconsin to

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"Dollar Bill" is showing off his caddish ways to Y&R mainstays. Diamont previewed:

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He sort of brings all his alpha-dog glory to town. His ability to sort of keep people off balance, his wit, his charm, it’s all on display!

Of course, Diamont memorably played Brad Carlton on Y&R for years. Was it hard to keep Brad and Bill separate during this visit? He said:

Honest to God, I don’t know if the Brad part of it even crossed my mind. I’ve been playing Bill for 11 years now. There wasn’t a lot of lag time between the two characters, and it was really important to me that they be as different as possible.

And how has Bill changed over the years? He's still ruthless...but he's mellowed a bit. Diamont dished:

He still has some of those qualities, but his edges have softened. He’s a little more aware of himself and that he often gets in his own way.