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Perkie's Observations: Uh Oh! How Much Trouble are Carly and Jax In on General Hospital?

General Hospital Recap for February 17, 2021
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On today's General Hospital recap: Nina announces to everyone that she knows what Carly and Jax did to Nelle. Jason convinces Michael to take everyone else away, leaving him and Diane alone to listen to the argument. Nina accuses Jax of protecting Carly because she always comes first. Nina says they were both there when Nelle fell to her death.

Nina says Carly could have saved Nelle had she told someone that she'd fallen into the river. Carly says Nelle was horrible, but Nina points out that Carly isn't a judge and jury. Nina says Carly held back because she wanted Nelle to die.

Despite Diane's warning to shut it, Carly says she tried to save Nelle and she didn't tell Nina because she didn't think she could handle it. Nina insists Carly could have saved Nelle and didn't. Nina points out how Carly did her share of garbage in life, yet got more than a second chance. Nina claims Port Charles enables her, including Jax! (GO NINA!!) Carly counters that Nina has her own issues, and she and Nelle aren't that different.

Jordan wants Curtis to go to therapy with her, but he says they won't be able to speak freely because of their legal issues. Curtis says he's done with secrets and lies. but Jordan points out that her job means keeping secrets and lies. Curtis says everything that happened with Taggert wasn't part of that.

Jordan wants Curtis to come home, but he says he's not ready yet. Curtis thinks he needs to let her go. Jordan wonders what that means, and he says they need to learn to be separate in order to find their way back to each other.

Phyllis is back home and Sonny tells her he remembers someone. She says it's possible he'll remember more because he's on the meds. Sonny is left alone at the bar and ends up driving a drunk customer home. When everyone returns, the place has been destroyed.

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Cyrus wants Britt and Portia to join him at a hospital board meeting. At the meeting, Cyrus discusses his plans for a pain management drug that he wants to go to the FDA for approval.

Lesley arrives and objects to his motion. Lesley warns the board members to think clearly before voting. Cyrus swears this new drug is on the up and up and wants Britt to back him up. Britt says she has no experience with this drug and Portia questions it, considering Cyrus' past. Cyrus reassures the board.

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Later, Cyrus reminds Portia that if she convinces Jordan to find his mother, he'll leave Taggert alone.

Britt updates Jason on the board meeting. She offers her concern that it's a highly addictive drug that Cyrus wants to fast track. She says they have a few days before the board votes. Jason figures Cyrus sees an opening because Sonny's gone.

At the mansion, Dante and Sam share a drink and discuss her standing in Jason's life. Sam understands she's no longer a part of Jason's world. She doesn't know who she is now, but is looking forward to finding out.

Olivia thinks she should move out because of the issues with Ned, but Monica wants her to stay.

Lesley stops by to see Monica to ask her help in exposing Cyrus.

Diane confronts Carly and Jax about Nina's rantings, and demands to know what happened. Carly admits what happened when Nelle fell. Diane's angry they kept the truth from her because she could have got ahead of it.

Carly wonders how much trouble they're in. Diane says Nina has no evidence to back up her claims. She says the Pennsylvania police have closed the case and PCPD may not be interested.

Nina heads to the station to tell Jordan about the updated news on Nelle's murder. 

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