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Days of Our Lives Recap: Gabi Tells Jake That Philip Wants Her Business

Days of Our Lives Recap for February 18, 2021
Gabi Hernandez, Days of Our Lives

Camila Banus

On today's Days of Our Lives recap: At Titan, Philip informs mommie dearest that he won't make a business decision based on problems in her love life. Kate assures Philip that said problems don't exist.

Kate insists he will be under the microscope as a new CEO, and buying GabiChic may not be the best idea he's ever had. Philip thinks Kate is just trying to keep Jake out of Gabi's orbit, but Kate claims she's not intimidated by Gabi.

Jake is suited up and guzzling coffee in Horton Square. Guess who he runs into? Yep, Gabi. Jake warns her he's not in the mood for another business pitch. Gabi however, informs Jake that she had a great pitch meeting with Philip. She adds that the decision Jake made to let her get away will be the worst one he's ever made.

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Abigail is talking to her recently departed grandmother, lamenting how she was taken too soon. Abigail promises that Gwen will not get away with it. Gwen of course, overhears and tells Abigail to say it all to her face.

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Rhodes brings breakfast to his lovely prisoner behind the glass. Ciara wonders why he brought cold gruel and he reminds her she's lucky she's getting anything. Rhodes tells her he went to see Vincent just to blab how Ciara is more trouble than she's worth. Intrigued, Ciara asks how the conversation turned out. Rhodes tells her that he has new marching orders.

Ben goes to the prison to visit Vincent, but Clyde shows up instead. He tells Ben that Vincent is out of the picture . . . permanently. Ben pushes Clyde for more information and Clyde admits that Vincent is dead.

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