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Don Diamont Talks Coming Back to The Young and the Restless

Don Diamont

The Young and the Restless viewers were gobsmacked when news dropped Don Diamont was returning to his old stomping grounds in Genoa City. Many fans were wondering how this would be pulled off, since we all saw Brad Carlton go to the upper room after being frozen up under a lake 11 years ago (Thanks, Maria Arena Bell!). 

How did Y&R pull off having The Bold and the Beautiful's Bill Spencer come to town? Diamont spills all to TV Insider

When Hunter King [Summer] crossed over from Y&R to B&B in January, she asked Bill if he’d ever been to Genoa City. What went into it actually happening?

Josh [Griffith, Y&R head writer and co-executive producer] and Tony [Morina, Y&R executive producer] were nice enough to have a conversation with me regarding the script and to talk about Bill as the guy who keeps people off balance, the force-of-nature guy. They wanted people [not familiar with Bill] to say, “Who is he?”

Also, Bill has things going on on B&B — he recognizes that Katie [Heather Tom] is the best thing in the world and he wants to make that right. I had to justify why Bill was going to Genoa City. Well, he’s going to do business there. But why not send [sons] Wyatt [Darin Brooks] or Liam [Scott Clifton], or do a Zoom call? Bill wanted to go there and let everyone know who they’re dealing with. That’s what I hoped the audience gleamed from those scenes. 

I also felt it was important that the audience see there was some history between Bill and Lauren [Tracey Bregman]. Bill wants everyone to be on notice, have them be off balance. And his interaction with Lauren was not meant as any disrespect to Katie. It was just a flirtation. Oh, and Bill’s presence also created tension for Sally [Courtney Hope], who’s in Genoa City now.

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Speaking of Sally, just how will her being in Genoa City play out while $Bill is there? Diamont quipped,

She’s tucked away there and needs to stay there, as far as Bill is concerned. The last person Sally expected to see was Dollar Bill…

Sally better be on her Ps and Qs. To find out who Diamont says was the love of Brad's life, click here.