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Perkie's Observations: Jason Tries to Bust a Cap in Brando on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 18, 2021
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Jason Morgan, General Hospital

Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina tells Jordan that Carly's been lying, and wants Carly arrested for Nelle's murder. Nina explains what happened and says Carly and Jax lied to police. Nina tells Jordan that Nelle's her daughter and feels Carly could have saved her.

Portia tells Curtis about Cyrus' offer to leave Taggert alone if Jordan finds his mother. Portia's angry and wants Curtis' help in getting information from Jordan. Curtis says he and Jordan are separated. Curtis complains to Portia that Jordan's shutting him out and he wonders what else she's keeping from him. Curtis talks about a case he's working on and asks Portia's help, and she agrees.

Cyrus puts Brando on notice since he hasn't found Florence yet. Brando says he's proven himself to Cyrus, but he disagrees. He insists that Brando find his mother.

Jason questions how Cyrus plans on getting FDA approval and Britt says he'll lie. Britt says she tested the drug herself and discovered that it's addictive on its first use. She says her findings contradict Cyrus'. When she goes to show Jason her research, the file has been wiped from her laptop.

Britt gets angry, but Jason tells her they need to do nothing and wait, something Britt doesn't have the time to do. Britt worries that Cyrus will come after her, but Jason says he has leverage that will force him to back off. Later, Britt makes an appointment to have her symptoms checked out.

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Martin tears a strip off of Valentin for spending time with Jackie, and not looking for Florence. Jackie arrives, saying she's found his mother. She explains how Bobbie is in Vermont taking care of a private patient, who she believes is Florence. Martin wants to check it out, but Jackie thinks she should go alone for fear that Martin's involvement would mess things up.

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Cyrus interrupts and Jackie admits she's looking into his mother's disappearance. Cyrus says he has his own man on the job. After Cyrus leaves, Martin begs Jackie to help him be the one to find Florence first.

Phyllis is upset over the destruction of the bar, and Lenny questions Sonny's whereabouts as the trooper arrives. Sonny explains that he took a drunk patron home and was gone no more than twenty minutes. The trooper accuses Sonny of lying. He admits he tried to run Sonny's prints, but didn't have a clean one from the cup. Lenny and Phyllis take Sonny's side. After the trooper leaves, Phyllis worries that he'll keep coming at Sonny and Sonny should leave. Sonny refuses to go, promising to help them repair the bar.

Nina updates Valentin and tells him that Jax was protecting Carly and always will. Nina says she can't believe anything CarJax have said about the night Nelle died. Nina wants Valentin to help her make Carly pay.

Joss wants to know why Nina lost it at the cemetery so Carly tells her what happened on the cliff. Joss (or should we just call her Carly Junior now) decides her mother did the right thing, by lying to the police about what really happened. Joss worries about Nina, but Carly tells her not to.

Jordan heads to the compound to ask Carly if she pushed Nelle to her death. Carly swears she didn't kill Nelle and says Nina is making unfounded accusations. Jordan says this contradicts Carly's original statement, so Carly lawyers up.

Jordan says Nina wants Carly arrested. She explains she will have to notify the Feds and advises Carly to notify Diane.

Brando tells Jason that Cyrus will end him if he doesn't find Florence, but Jason doesn't seem concerned. Brando gets angry and storms off, while Jason shoots at him (I'm assuming Cyrus was lurking around and it was for his benefit). 

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