Alison Sweeney Previews Days of Our Lives Return

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Alison Sweeney

Days of Our Lives welcomes home Alison Sweeney (Sami) this week. According to her chat with TV Insider, Sweeney returns to Salem starting Feb. 25.

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Discussing Sami's latest stint in town, Sweeney said:

Sami’s coming in on a mission.

However, after fighting for, and losing, custody of her grandson Henry, Sami can't expect a warm welcome. Sweeney explained:

She’s not expecting [her family] to roll out the red carpet.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Sweeney discussed her regular comings and goings from the soap. She dished:

I was on consistently from 1993 to 2014. And then I left and had the big goodbye. Then two years later, they were doing this storyline in which my son, Will [then-Guy Wilson], was going to die. They asked me if I would come back to be part of the funeral. I remember being so upset about the storyline and the idea of it. He was a legacy character. You didn't have to kill him! Then they brought me back a year later because it turned out Will wasn't really dead and we had to find him. It was outrageous. I was so happy to come back and do that story so I said, 'if you ever have any fun ideas, let me know. My door is always open. Since then, we have mapped out my availability because I have to keep a schedule clear for the movies I produce for Hallmark.