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Perkie's Observations: Molly and TJ Jump the Broom on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 22, 2021
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Molly Davis, General Hospital

Haley Pullos

On today's General Hospital recap: Ava receives a second gift, a bracelet from Nikolas engraved with the date they met. Nikolas promises to always keep her safe. The cockroach gift came with a letter that reads, "Secrets and cockroaches, those are the only two things that survive except for us." The waiter tells them the cockroach gift was left for Ava, but doesn't know who left it for her.

Both Ava and Nikolas think it's Ryan, even though he shouldn't be able to move. Nikolas calls Jordan to ask if there have been any changes in Ryan's condition. Jordan says no.

Jason agrees to help Britt deliver the Valentine's Day gift bags to the kids.

Willow and Chase continue to make uncomfortable small talk over dinner.

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Michael gets a call that Wiley's upset and Sasha decides to go back to the mansion with him. The two discuss her drug habit, but Sasha reassures him she doesn't have the desire. The two talk about how things were and Sasha wonders if they can pick up where they left off. Michael thinks they need to start over and the two are about to share a kiss when Chillow arrive. After Sasha and Chase leave, Michael and Willow end up watching a movie together.

Portia and Curtis continue to enjoy their time on the stakeout. Curtis mentions the restaurant is for sale and wonders if he should take advantage of it.

TJ finally makes it to the commitment ceremony. Jordan and Kristina look on as TJ and Molly sign the paperwork and officially become domestic partners.

Cameron gets upset by Franco's illness and storms off. He asks Joss and Trina to help him shave his head to support Franco. The girls don't want to mess up his hair, but Cameron convinces them that he will go through with it.

Franco wishes they could celebrate their anniversary, but Liz reassures him the time will come when he's feeling better. The two are surprised, but proud when Cameron shows them his new military haircut (for all the crying from Trina and Joss, I was expecting full baldness).

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