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Whoopi Goldberg Shuts Down Meghan McCain Over Calls to Remove Fauci


The View made for interesting viewing on Monday, Feb. 22. Moderator Whoopi Goldberg didn't have any interest in supporting Meghan McCain's criticism of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci's "inconsistent messaging" regarding COVID-19.

After the panel discussed the grim news that 500,000 Americans have now died from COVID, McCain stated that President Joe Biden and his team need to improve the way they address vaccination. After alleging "inconsistent messaging" from Fauci and the Biden administration about when people could get the jab, the conservative commentator cited vaccination success rates in Israel. Notably, the Israeli government has faced criticism of its approach to vaccinating its Arab and Palestinian residents, which even popped up in this weekend's Saturday Night Live episode.

McCain said:

The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of The View don’t know when or how I will be able to get a vaccine because the rollout for my age range and my health is so nebulous … I want to be responsible and obviously wait my turn, but this rollout has been a disaster.

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She added:

I’m over Dr. Fauci. We need to have more people giving more opinions. Quite frankly, I think the Biden administration should remove him and put someone else in place that maybe does understand science and or can talk to other countries about how we can be more like these places that are doing this successfully.

Goldberg pointed out that Israel is a much tinier country than America, suggesting that perhaps more Israelis wore masks than Americans (although there are conflicting reports on that). Plus, many folks in the USA protested donning protective garments. 

Goldberg stated that we can't really compare the two nations' approaches to the vaccine, explaining:

Israel had a completely different rollout. It works; it's also a smaller country. And they didn't have a lot of issues with people not wearing their masks. So yeah, you probably could get your shot, but you’re going to go outside and be surrounded by people who have not gotten their shot, and they don’t know yet whether — how protected you’re going be. This is all stuff that we’ll know when the science makes sense, or we could have them just say, yeah, and then we’ll get them on the other side when he’s wrong.