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Perkie's Observations: Peter's Lies Blindside Anna on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 23, 2021
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Diane and Carly discuss what she'll say to the Federal agent. The plan is to continue to lie to law enforcement about Nelle's fall, and claim that Nina misunderstood what Carly and Jax were discussing. 

Diane worries whether Jax will continue to lie or tell the truth. Carly is certain that Jax will maintain the story. 

Nina admits to Maxie that she's furious, and explains what she overheard between Jax and Carly. She tells Maxie she went to Jordan and feels Carly should pay for killing Nelle. Maxie reminds Nina that Nelle was a wackadoo, but Nina says Nelle was the product of her childhood. Maxie says tons of people have terrible childhoods, but become good people.

Maxie doesn't think Nina will find peace until Carly or Jax pay for Nelle's death. Maxie brings up Wiley and suggests Nina focus her energy there.

Jax tells Alexis what happened with Nelle and Nina, and swears Nelle's death was an accident. Jax is worried about Nina and wants to do right by her.

Michael and Willow discuss how Nelle was Nina's daughter. Michael mentions that Nina believes Carly is responsible for Nelle's death. Willow is sympathetic to Nina and thinks they should let her get to know Wiley. Willow thinks it will bring Nina and Carly together.

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Valentin updates Anna on his conversation with Peter. He says Peter wants Anna to believe he's a better man than he really is. Anna figures that Peter has been lying to her all along. Valentin tells her everything that Peter was responsible for . . . from the attacks on Franco and Andre . . . to Drew's plane crash. 

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Anna figures out that Peter was working with Faison during Drew's original abduction. She admits she's been blinded to Peter's actions and feels culpable. Anna wonders what they need to do now. Valentin says they need to decide at what point Peter is putting their loved ones at risk.

Britt meets with Liesl and tells her that Anna is looking for her. Liesl says she’s staying in hiding so she can have the element of surprise over Peter. Britt points out she has no evidence on Peter, but Liesl is certain that it's only a matter of time.

Britt worries that Peter is just good enough to prevent Liesl from getting anything from him. Britt hopes Liesl has a plan. Liesl tells her that Maxie and Peter have a dinner date, and she's going to snoop around their apartment. 

Finn and Peter hang out, trying on their tuxes and making small talk about the women in their lives. Peter is grateful that Anna is his mother, believing he wouldn't be the good man he is without her influence. 

Finn runs into Alexis and the two make small talk about his wedding and her sobriety. He offers to be a friend if she needs it. (Am I the only one seeing chemistry between these two, and chemistry between Anna/Valentin. Are we going there, show?)

Special Agent Wilson questions Carly, who lies. She’s sticking with her original story that she wasn't present when Nelle fell. The agent questions Jax and thanks them for their cooperation before closing the case.

Liesl lets herself into Maxie's apartment.

Willow, Michael, and Wiley arrive at Nina's for a visit.

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