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Perkie's Observations: Peter's Web of Lies Disintegrates on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 24, 2021
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Peter August, General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly tells Jason that Nelle's death officially been declared an accident, but Nina isn't ready to accept it. Carly's worried about Nina's influence on Wiley.

Nina is thrilled to have time with Wiley. She apologizes to Michael for losing it at the cemetery. Michael tells her the case against Carly is now closed and hopes Nina can get past it for Wiley's sake. 

Nina and Wiley spend time together until Carly shows up and shuts it down. After the young family leaves, Carly informs Nina if she doesn't play by Carly's rules, she won't be spending time with Wiley again. 

Nina reminds Carly that Wiley is also her grandson and Carly won't take him away from her. Carly says they need to compromise and not dwell on what she's lost. Carly warns Nina if she behaves the way she did at Sonny's grave, she won't have a place in Wiley's life.

Robert and Olivia get caught up on current events. She asks about his feelings for Peter and Robert admits he's forced to play nice for Maxie's sake. Olivia has her own issues with Peter since he fired Dante.

Alexis arrives to speak to Olivia, so Robert leaves. Alexis apologizes and takes full responsibility, but Olivia is less than sympathetic. Olivia says Alexis will keep hurting people until she gets help.

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Liesl searches Maxie's apartment and finds the bundle of mail. She recognizes the return name and wonders why Alex's ex-husband is sending something to Peter. Liesl opens the package and watches the hard drive, which is a message from Alex.

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Maxie joins Britt, but gets tired of defending Peter. Britt wonders why Maxie is working so hard at having everyone love Peter. Maxie is certain that Peter will prove everyone wrong because he's a good man, thanks to him being Anna's son.

When Maxie decides to go back to her apartment, Britt decides to tag along, as she knows Liesl is snooping. Maxie's worried when she gets home and doesn't find Peter. Britt reassures Maxie he'll show up, then manages to get her mother out of the apartment without Maxie's knowledge.

Anna wants the truth from Peter. Anna shows Peter the paper trail that proves he worked with the assassin who tried to kill Franco and Andre. She says she kept the papers from the WSB to protect him.

Peter claims he's innocent, but she pushes him to clear his conscience. Peter continues to deny involvement and blames Liesl. He wants Anna to destroy whatever evidence she has and tosses the papers into the fireplace.

Robert talks to Jason about running the business with Sonny gone. He's worried that Jason is no longer going after Peter. Jason mentions the article on Franco's tumor and thinks Peter was trying to shut Franco up.

Peter gets home and reassures Maxie that everything is fine.

Anna leaves a message for Valentin. She tells him Peter lied once again and it's up to them to stop him.

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