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WATCH: The Talk's Elaine Welteroth Discusses Being Biracial and Not Fitting In

Welteroth Small, The Talk

The Talk's Elaine Welteroth opens up about finding it hard to "fit in" as a child growing up in an interracial family. On Wednesday's episode of the CBS Daytime chatfest, the panel discussed rapper Cardi B recently admitting to feeling “so ugly and undeveloped" due to being different in a interview. 

Welteroth chimed in and stated she could relate to what the Bronx native said and talked about how she felt the same way when she was younger due to being in an interracial family.

Welteroth stated,

I love Cardi B. I think she’s the most authentic star out there. She just keeps it really real. As a young girl, you know, I didn’t feel attractive until way later in my life. I came from an interracial family, so I just felt like I was never Black enough, never White enough in any given space…I just remember getting all these messages that made me feel not pretty enough, not good enough, like I didn’t fit in. So years later, once I started to get attention from boys, I was so confused…so it can take a toll.

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Welteroth was asked by co-host Sheryl Underwood about what made her change the way she felt later on in life. Welteroth revealed,

I think having the mother that I had made a huge difference. My mom was the kind of strong Black woman who I could come to and cry. I can really cry thinking about this. I remember my first school dance, being the only girl who didn’t get asked to dance. Why am I crying…This is so unexpected.

Watch Welteroth's candid conversation below.