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Perkie's Observations: Martin and Jackie Track Down Florence on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 25, 2021
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General Hospital

Michael E. Knight, Kim Delaney

On today's General Hospital recap:

Liz checks with Finn for advice on Franco's tumor, and asks whether or not it's shrinking. Finn checks the scans and says the tumor hasn't changed in size. Liz gets upset and admits she's mad at Franco for getting sick. She's angry with the time they lost because Franco didn't start treatment right away. Finn worries about Liz and her support system, but she reassures him.

Franco comes out of nightmare. He lashes out until he realizes he almost hit Cameron. Franco apologizes, but Cameron understands. The two discuss Franco's illness and how Cameron feels he needs to protect Franco. Cameron talks to him about skipping out on Stanford in order to stay home and help with Franco's illness.

Curtis has Sam check out the new bar with him. Curtis tells her he's done with PI work and wants the bar, but Sam says she's still interested in the PI business. Curtis offers her a chance to buy him out so he can buy the bar.

Portia meets with Jordan and tells her to give Cyrus whatever he wants in exchange for Taggert's release. Jordan tells her that Cyrus wants to run drugs in PC and it will cause a war with Jason.

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Portia wants to see Taggert, but says he's refusing to see either Portia or Trina. Jordan tells Portia to make her the heavy and tell Trina she's the one blocking anyone from talking to Taggert.

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Jackie and Martin are on stakeout in Vermont at the house where Florence is being kept. The two break in, but instead of finding Florence, they find Jason waiting for them. Martin insists on seeing his mother.

Jason and Bobbie allow Martin to see Florence. Jackie mentions that Cyrus is also worried about her, but Florence has no patience for Cyrus. She says she washed her hands of him years ago. Jackie says she wants an interview.

Nikolas discusses his wedding plans with Laura. She asks about Spencer and Nikolas admits he's not enthusiastic. Laura reassures him that Spencer will come around. Laura mentions the fight between Cyrus and Jason. Nikolas tells her to stay out of their battle, but Laura says Cyrus is dragging them in.

Ryan is returned to GH for treatment and Ava pays him a visit. She tells him that she'll figure out who helped him send her the cockroach. Ava crushes the cockroach and walks out.

Ryan's security detail comes back with a stack of his mail. One of them is a letter from Ryan to Spencer that was returned to him. (Okay, I'm confused by this. Ryan has allegedly been writing to Spencer, who's returning the letters and not telling anyone that the local serial killer is in contact??)

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