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WATCH: Mark Grossman, Sharon Case, and Jordi Vilasuso Dish "Sticky" Y&R Triangle

Mark Grossman, Sharon Case, Jordi Vilasuso

Steven Bergman Photography; YouTube

The Young and the Restless is currently knee-deep in a tense romantic triangle between Sharon Newman (Sharon Case), Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso), and Sharon's ex, Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). Who will Sharon be with? Case, Vilasuso, and Grossman sat down with Michael Fairman TV to dish romantic tensions and what's to come for all three characters.

Is Sharon truly torn between both men? Case explained the heroine's affection for the Newman bad boy:

She realizes; she’s not having a bipolar moment. She’s always been that way when it comes to Adam for years, decades. You know, we don’t always put that onscreen. Sometimes, we play Sharon and Adam; sometimes, we haven't. Sometimes they’re a little or it’s a lot, but he’s always been there. She’s always felt that way anytime she’s laid eyes on him; no matter who played the role, as long as Sharon has known Adam, when she lays eyes on him, that’s what she feels. That’s just—you know, that’s that relationship.

Now that Rey is aware of Sharon and Adam's kiss, what will the detective do? Vilasuso dished:

Ultimately, I think Rey hopes that he’ll end up just arresting Adam and he’ll go away forever. I think that’s kind of playing in the back of my mind, like there’s no way that Adam can keep up this behavior for this much longer. So I think that's always like the carrot, 'cause he’s mad about Sharon, he’s crazy about her, and you know...and there’s also, I’ve always thought there’s some ego involved here. too, like, 'I’m going to win versus this guy. I got to be the guy here; I can’t lose to this guy,' so there's that that plays as well. 

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But man, does Rey have a threshold for dealing with this stuff? I’ve ever met anyone…but remember, his wife [Mia, Noemi Gonzalez] had sex with his brother [Arturo, Jason Canela] and she did it again. And now they're having a child and he was still able to move on, so he’s just got this thing that he’s like, 'Ah, give her a pass; we’ll get past this.' So maybe it’s his own problem. Maybe Rey needs to deal with this.

Vilasuso added that Rey has a "savior" complex and wants to keep Sharon away from Adam, whom the cop sees as a "pariah." 

How does Grossman feel about Adam's entanglements? He explained:

Me and Rey have been kind of doing this dance since I came on the show and I guess this it’s the first time that they’re together, and me and Sharon have kissed. It's technically...we've cheated and this is serious and Adam has his own stuff to deal with. He’s got a fiancée [Chelsea, Melissa Claire Egan] at home in a wheelchair, and this is just a really kind of sticky place to be. But, as an actor, it’s fun and I know it's going to come to a head and it’s fun to play. It’s fun to play. There’s a lot of drama going on.

Later, Case added that Sharon will decide to set boundaries with Adam...and she means it. But when she sees Adam, she'll wobble, and those boundaries "don't seem to hold."

Watch the full interview below.