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Perkie's Observations: Maxie's Doubts Lead Her to Nathan's Grave on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for February 26, 2021
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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: You are cordially invited to the wedding of Mariah Maximilliana Jones and Peter August, and Anna Devane and Dr. Hamilton Finn.

Curtis, Gregory, and Chase show up to make sure Finn is ready for the wedding. Finn gets a text that his DNA results are ready and he heads out to pick them up.

Jordan arrives to pick up Anna, and finds her distracted and not ready. When Valentin arrives, Anna sends Jordan ahead and tells him she's devastated for not seeing Peter for who he is. Anna says it's up to them to make sure Peter doesn't hurt anyone again.

Anna says she tried to get Peter to tell her the truth, but he didn't. She says she's done with him and Peter needs to face justice. Anna wants to tell Maxie the truth, but Valentin reminds Anna if she tells, Maxie will tell Spinelli, and Jason will kill Peter. Anna doesn't want him dead, but can't let Maxie marry him.

Maxie tells Nina that Felicia won't be there for the wedding as she's taking care of an elderly relative. Nina does the something borrowed, something blue with Maxie. Nina praises Maxie for moving forward after Nathan's death. Maxie tells Nina that James called Peter "daddy" and it bothered her. Maxie says she asked Nathan for his blessing and didn't get it. Maxie decides the wedding would be too much for Nina and tells her she can go.

Jason and Sam make small talk until Spinelli arrives. Spinelli claims he's there to support Maxie even though he doesn't agree to the wedding.

Jason asks about Alexis' attack on Franco. Sam explains that Franco was talking to himself, which scared her.

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Britt prevents Peter from seeing Maxie before the wedding. Peter tells Spinelli he doesn't want him at the wedding and warns him to leave. Spinelli calls Maxie and tells her he's sick and not coming to the wedding.

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Curtis tells Jordan he's selling the PI business to Sam in order to buy a nightclub. Jordan is upset by their separation.

Cyrus confronts Jackie about the article she wrote with Florence, which paints him in a criminal light. Cyrus insists she tell him where Florence is being kept. Jackie says Florence doesn't want to see him.

Cyrus heads to the board meeting, and finds Lesley and Laura, who tell him the board read Jackie's article. As a result, the board turned down his drug protocol. Cyrus is upset they meddled.

Jackie runs into Finn at the hospital and is upset to hear that Finn got a DNA test on Chase. Jackie questions whether it's worth it for Chase to lose the family he has. Finn decides not to pick up the results.

Franco wants to discuss college with Cameron and why he needs to go. He doesn't want Cameron to postpone his life. Liz overhears him mention how he attacked Cameron after his nightmare. Cameron downplays the situation. Franco decides he can't stay there anymore. Liz thinks he should check into Shadybrook so the doctors there can figure out what's going on.

Jason stops by to talk to Franco. Franco explains how he's hearing Peter's voice as a leftover from Drew's memories.

Britt and Sam get to Maxie's suite and find her gone. Maxie heads back to the cemetery to talk to Nathan. She is shocked when someone approaches her. (I'm guessing Liesl, since that's the only person who would visit Nathan and cause that reaction from Maxie).

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