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The Real's Loni Love Dishes on Remote Filming Challenges and 'Ellen' Controversy

Loni Love

Loni Love is ready to get back in the studio. The Real co-host told Madame Noire about the challenges of filming remotely and the need to empower an audience in person.

The comedian reflected on filming from home, saying:

I’m so sick of being in this box. I miss the audience, I miss being able to run around the table. You really don’t know what you miss until it’s not there. I’m grateful that we’re able to keep the show going remotely. That’s a blessing. But I first want to get us back into a studio and just get our audience back. As soon as we can get these numbers down and get everybody vaccinated and safe, let’s get back into a studio. Let’s celebrate. The whole purpose of The Real is to celebrate women and to show the beauty of different women. That’s the reason I say, I don’t care if it’s 10 people on the panel or just three or two. Let’s celebrate each other. This is a show that is dedicated to us, to women of color. I’m proud of this show, and as many women that we can fit, let’s make it happen. But first, we have to get into a studio.

Regarding her former colleague Tamar Braxton claiming We TV might have gotten her fired from The Real, Love said:

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Well, I don’t really want to trigger her. I do want to say that I just hope she takes care of her mental and I also believe that the truth always comes out. I always felt that and I always knew that. She knows that I love her no matter what. She’s always our sister and she knows me. But I don’t really want to trigger her. I just wish her the best.

Years ago, Love worked on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a DJ. What is her take on Ellen's recent controversy?

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Love stated:

The thing people have to know about a talk show, it’s a lot of things happening. There were a lot of things I wasn’t privy to. When you’re the guest DJ you go to your dressing room, you study what’s about to happen and then you just go out. So I don’t want to say it didn’t happen, I can just tell you how I was treated. I was treated well. I was welcomed there. That was one of my major first daytime talk show gigs. And I was excited to work with her, especially with her being a female comic. So I was surprised to hear it. But I can’t refute it because I can only go by what was happening to me. I just know when I was there I just saw a lot of hardworking people that were busy and they were just trying to make a show. It’s the same thing with our show. It’s a lot of things that happen that you’re not privy to because you’re trying to make a TV show. So there may be some things that’s happening. Hopefully, it gets corrected. That’s the thing. Call it out and let it be corrected.