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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Makes Peter Disappear on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 1, 2021
James Patrick Stuart

James Patrick Stuart

On today's General Hospital recap: Franco tells Jason that Peter's voice talks about him and Drew. Friz explain the voice is a remnant of the memory transfer. Franco says he told Peter about the voices. Franco wonders what Jason will do about this, but Jason tells him he'll deal with it. Later, Franco moves out so he's not a danger to the family.

Dante gives Peter a warning about Maxie's happiness. He's ready to "complete the mission." Peter reassures Dante he's become a man who Maxie can be proud of.

Valentin talks to Peter and asks for forgiveness for bringing him back to be raised by Faison. Peter says Valentin helped turn him into a better man. Valentin promises he'll never turn his back on Peter, no matter what happens. Peter is happy that Valentin is at his side on the most important day.

Sam and Britt tell Mac and Curtis that Maxie's disappeared. Mac explains Maxie was upset over James' picture and calling Peter "daddy".

Liesl is in the cemetery with Maxie, who's upset to see her. Liesl swears she was framed and now she has proof. Liesl begs Maxie to save herself and her children if she can. Maxie doesn't believe her and claims she loves Peter.

Maxie accuses Liesl of hating Anna, which is why she's lying about Peter. Liesl admits her hatred of Anna, but says that's not why she's trying to get Maxie to see the truth. Maxie says she loves Peter and will choose him over Liesl.

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Violet is dressed and ready to go. She's impatiently waiting for Finn to return and get ready for the wedding. Chase and Finn discuss his parents' lives and dealing with their separation.

Jackie and Gregory discuss their marriage. She tells him that to her, this isn't a separation, but the road to divorce.

Jordan gives Anna a handkerchief for the traditional something borrowed, something blue. Anna worries that the wedding won't happen, but Jordan reassures her Finn loves her. Anna's still a little shaken, so Jordan wonders if something is about to happen since she saw Valentin talking to Anna. Anna denies it.

Maxie returns to the hotel to get ready, along with Anna.

Valentin makes a call to someone to set something in motion. That person kidnaps Peter.

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