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Jackée Harry Hints Who Paulina Bumps Heads With on Days Of Our Lives

Jackée Harry is going to be making some waves when her Paulina Price hits Salem on Days of Our Lives. Harry gave a little sneak peek as to who Paulina faces off with while she's in town to visit her niece Lani (Sal Stowers) when speaking with NBC affiliate KPRC 2

According to Harry, the dust-up occurs over who should be running things in the Price/Carver/Grant gang, and the Emmy winner says it should be her! 

Harry remarked,

When I come to town I think that there's a role I should be playing in the family that's taken over by someone else in Salem but I want her to step aside and let me be in charge.

Who is she talking about?

Harry also explains how she got the role

They had an African American storyline with a twist to it, and they said, 'You think she'll do it?' They called and I said 'yes' and they've been writing for me, which is always an honor. You know people say that, 'Oh, they wrote it for me.' It really is good when someone just writes for a person. You know, I was just home doing what everybody else is doing... EATING! So I said, 'Yeah, I'll do it.' (laughs)

Salem ain't ready, honey! Watch the interview here.